MAC will be releasing a second Selena capsule collection this April. Her being taken from us is one of the greatest tragedies known to man, but Selena's raw star power, persistence and dedicated fan base are the reason her legacy will be immortal. Her multiplatinum 1994 album, Amor Prohibido, gave early indications of her cross-cultural crossover appeal. Alejandro Fernandez is officially kicking off 2020 with new music and a new tour. In her early days, she became a pioneer in the then-male-dominated Tejano music scene, a genre she helped mainstream when she won the GRAMMY for Best Mexican-American Album in 1994 for her 1993 live album, Selena Live! The first weekend of the Selena Forever/Siempre Selena exhibition at the McNay, my parents were visiting; I wanted to show them what I was working on. María (Lead singer of Los Angeles-based Spanglish indie rock/indie pop band, The Marías): My first memory of being introduced to Selena was in her biopic film. LADY GAGA THE #CHROMATICA BALL "She was a Mexican-American female musician dominating the Tejano, regional Mexican music scene, and at the same time, you could hear in her voice that American R&B style that I would hear later in the [1995 album], Dreaming Of You. [CDATA[/* >*/. Selena became a female figure that Tejano and Latin pop music needed and I think she succeeded by not being afraid of being herself. What mattered to me was that she was Latin and that she was accomplishing so many amazing things. I can see why brands wanted to align with her image. It's a different take on a broken heart in the sense that you aren't just wallowing in sadness, but you accept it and move on, similarly to other iconic songs that I love that also take the high road, like "I Can't Make You Love Me" by Bonnie Raitt. La Doña (artist): Selena was able to supersede systemic barriers for many different reasons; one of those is her raw talent and passion. Selena's quick smile, infectious laugh, and unending energy made her a pleasure to work with …. She was a one-of-a-kind artist and she was such a great cultural figure for the Hispanic and Latino and Mexican-American community. "Her album Dreaming Of You is a gem, and those songs are timeless," Apple Music's Marissa Gastelum told in a special tribute in honor of the 25th anniversary of Selena's passing. Alejandro Fernández performs at the 20th Latin GRAMMY Awards in 2019. Girl Ultra (R&B artist from Mexico City): I feel like she embraced her curves and her body shape so much. Unfortunately, however, we have seen that that is rarely enough for a young star such as Selena to achieve success in the way that she did. Two generations later, Selena's impact is tangible.