Advertisements. Our prediction is based on present evidence. you are going fall... 3. It doesn't look very stable at all. By loveteaching. A simple worksheet to drill the "be … You're going to miss your train! Going To for Predictions 1. You (tell) the refrigerator what you want to eat, and … I crashed the company car. It's 8.30! Predictions We use be going to to talk about something that we see is going to happen (there is present evidence). The doctor said I’ m going to have a girl. going to for prediction. My boss isn't going to be very happy! English Exercises > future tense exercises. Refrigerators computers,too. We are saying what we think will happen. Here are some examples: The sky is very black. Intentions or plans Will or be going to? BE GOING TO for future intentions & predictions. We often use going to to make a prediction about the future. Be going to - forms; Be going to - exercises; Be going to - match the sentences; Be going to - write the correct form; Going to -future; Be going to - interrogative forms; Be going to - questions: write; Be going to - negative forms; Positive, negative, questions - write 1; Positive, negative, questions - write 2 Don’t drive like a crazy man. Will for predictions. you are not going to fail the exam Be going to - future Exercises: elementary 01 . - exercise - 1; Will or be going to? Get down off that table. #2: Picture Prompt Prediction Activity. you are... 2. — “I believe I will be at the airport at 22:30, my flight is at midnight” = I am making a prediction. Will, going to or - ing future Free Practice Tests for learners of English. We’ re going to have an accident! you are going to stand on the table be going to – use . I think the exam will be very difficult and you are not studying at all. (=We are going to go to Cyprus next summer. ) ” = It is certain that I am going to take a flight at midnight. Students can predict what’s going to happen next, first with a partner and then you can elicit some answers from the class to round off the activity. - exercise - 2; Will or be going to? If you can find an interesting picture with lots of action going on, it can be a nice warmer activity on your lesson about the future. Look at those clouds. - exercise - 3; Will / be going to - exercises; Future : will, going to, -ing form; Future forms - exercises; Fill the gap - future forms; Future forms - exercises; Will or be going to? It’ s going to rain. It's going to snow. — “I am going to take the midnight flight. Will - be going to Exercises: future tenses 01 . will / be going to for prediction Our parents (not go) to the supermarket to buy food.