bakkali -rw **you would be an idiot not to sign him**, all these players are fast growing and probably the best in the game. Club: Schalke 04 luke rowe – cb Here are the best wonderkids in FIFA 14. His abilities mean that he can be rotated into the starting XI frequently, brought on in the late stages of the game to take advantage of his speed. Current OVR: 73 Gotze from 85 to 92 in 2 seasons Cristiano biraghi – lb **Must** Potential OVR: 86 Adnan Januzaj. i cant find aleksandar mitrovic. On the last FIFA, I signed a Bayern youth player who’s had a couple of games in the transition period between Jupp and Pep, a Dane called Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg. The gem of the bunch, 17-year-old Bakkali has the highest potential OVR rating in the game for anyone aged 20 or younger, but he’s definitely one for the future. His overall rating in FIFA 14 is 73 with a potential of 87. Player Page: A. Januzaj (Adnan Januzaj) FIFA 21 12 november 2020 - 05/02/1995 (25 years) - OVR 80 - POTENTIAL 83 You can order the … 61 PAS. His best stats are: Acceleration: 86, Balance: 85, Agility: 83, Dribbling: 81, Ball Control: 78. All signs point to a strong, fast, reliable, classic No. His workrates are Medium / Medium. Join the discussion or compare with others! btw. Mason Bennett and will Hughes derby county Bennett is 16 Hughes is 17 great prospects and jemal lescales Nottingham Forrest, Erik Durm – rb Upd8s, They didn’t put Mitrovic in the game because it was a late transfer as far as i recall but let me get back to why im writing this commentary , first of all if you need a quick , stable and good dribbler with an good shot power and accuracy you can easlie buy Arsenal’s Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain for 3.7Million in Euros.How?First you need to send them an Enquiry because if you offer them money first they will respond to you with an ”Unacceptable”message and ask for huge amount of money.Alex has an 77 starting overall rating which is super good for someone who is 19 years old.Only bad thing is you need to offer him high standard wage somewhere in the region of 170k-ish.But that should be good enough for someone that i could’ve easlie sold for 35Mill’s in the winter transfer window.Good luck lads, lukaku for me has gone from 77-80 in hal a season at PSG, Romelu lukaku has gone from a 77 to an 89 in 3 seasons with me which is worth noting his shot power becomes 95. Lightning fast, good on the ball, can cross and take free kicks, decent passer and finisher and a 4-star skill rating, Bruma is your go-to transfer buy if you want to groom a young winger. Like the other potential wonderkinds on this list, he’s got great pace and ball control, but he’s still got some way to go to improve on his finishing and mental attributes. 9. For example, I could buy Januzaj and not play him for 4 seasons and see absolutely 0 growth..theoretically. (Around 10 million pounds), Try Adryan from Flamingo Brazil CAM and Elsharawy LW and Bakkali LW and Lukako ST -v errati CDM and Pogba CM(4 2 3 1)….you will Really terrorise even Mourinho PARKED Bus will be broken into pieces lol, Gabriel from Santos start 64ovr,at the end 87-90, kittel is 90 on mine now 5 seasons in, alaba is 88, lucas 90, hazard 91, neymar 92, messi 95, stuuridge 90, gotze 92, stirling 88, bruma 89, pogba 89, gundogan 90 and a few more 88+ messi is 31 and only just gone down to 95 from 96, I got fierro from the MX league he is an 86 rn, lucas from psg 81 ovrl went to 92 in 3 seasons, lucas from psg 81 ovrl went to 92 in 3 season Age: 17 Tom Carroll from spurs, got him to 80. Currently, Adnan Januzaj is playing with numbers 44 and 20. And how many of these will Man City actually buy and let them rot on the bench? As his current OVR suggests, he still has a lot of improvements to come, especially to his passing and finishing. Potential OVR: 87. Januzaj has got a 3-star skillmoves rating. Good finishing stats, great physical stats and slightly lower speed stats make for a poacher who won’t be easily pushed off the ball. Join the discussion or compare with others! Current OVR: 67 Adnan Januzaj was born on Feb. 5, 1995. Like other youngsters he will develop physically as well but the emphasis this year is very much on ball control and technical ability, and Meyer ticks both boxes if you’re looking to develop a young attacking midfielder. Took him on loan for 2 seasons, then signed him permanently. The new Global Transfer Network is a welcome addition to scouting and managing your potential recruits, but today we’ll look at something much easier: the best ‘future’ stars in FIFA 14, players that you can buy right at the start of your FIFA 14 game to groom into superstars. Jogador Página: A. Januzaj (Adnan Januzaj) FIFA 14 Original - 05/02/1995 (18 anos) - GERAL 61 - POTENCIAL 80 Potential OVR: 87. Manchester United’s 18-year-old Belgian prodigy has been getting rave reviews in the last three months by anyone who has watched United play. Add to this some decent dribbling, ball control, crossing and short-passing stats (for his age) and a 70 stat for finishing, and you’ve got a youngster who could grow up to be your star winger with an eye for goal. Lukaku (no not Romelu but his brother Jordan) from Anderlecht a LB gone from 63 to 74 in 1 season and still rising also Sandro Wieser from Hoffenheim is doinmg well for me as I take Crewe Alexandra into premier league. His sprint speed 94. His Heading / Finishing are in the early 60s, and would be expected to go up to the mid-80s if he’s fully developed. Join the discussion or compare with others! Adnan Januzaj was born on Feb. 5, 1995. The low OVR stats can be discouraging, as a striker Martial has good pace and strength but little else when starting out. The selection criteria is simple – the player must be 18 or younger, and the potential OVR rating should be 86 or above. Do I sell???? Ake from chelsea are future star season 4 86,maybe 87-88 ,bashuayi from standard liege season 4 86 ,maybe 87-88, Jonathan tah from hamburg phenomenal cb after 3 seasons he’s 79 rated cheap to sign first season. Posted in Games, Newsnow, Promotional posts, Top 10s & lists, Share this article: He is currently 19 years old and plays as a Wide Midfielder for Manchester United in England. 64 JANUZAJ LM 68 PAC. You can order the game here. Many of these potentials are horribly inaccurate. By the time he was 24, his OVR was 90, and this was from consistently playing him. However, two youngsters should be highlighted: Luke Shaw (17, Southampton, Potential OVR 85, LB) and Kurt Zouma (18, Saint-Etienne, Potential OVR 85, CB), both of whom are fantastic prospects in the game and with proper care can be brought in to replace your first choice LB / CB within an year or two. Add the latest transfer rumour here. Fraser aird – lw **goalscorer** Because of the 86 or above criteria, we didn’t see any defenders on this list. 32 DEF. Age: 18 Age: 18 FIFA 14 was released on September 27th. Age: 17 Email. Age: 18 Potential OVR: 86. Jonathan tah – cb Max Clayton and Sam winall absolute beasts!! Bought him for just under £4mil but defo worth it as rated 73 to start with. Also eric dier from sporting lisbon. He is currently 19 years old and plays as a Wide Midfielder for Manchester United in England. However, I currently have him in my second season of my Everton career mode, and he’s a 74 overall with the label “has the potential to be special” which means his potential is 90+. Age: 17 Club: PSV Eindhoven FIFA 14 lists him as one who likes to take long shots, and if he can boost that attribute to 80 or above then he becomes an interesting player to have in your matchday squad. Kind of makes sense that a football blog like pies would publish content that appeals to the significant number of football fans who like FIFA.