He is the first Pixar Villain and he is voiced by Erik von Detten. Sid Phillips is an evil human boy who arrived in the monster world to escape from Mike and Sulley. Big Bad Wolf vs Sid Phillips - Best Disney Villain. Many of his toys are either destroyed, have missing pieces, or replaced with parts from other toys. He is the only known human person who knows toys are alive. He is mentioned by Buzz in Toy Story 2. Voiced by Erik von Detten. Sid is known for torturing and destroying toys. Sid Phillips is the main antagonist of Disney/Pixar's 1995 animated feature film Toy Story. Phillips family Sid Phillips. Sid appears in the third issue of the Monsters, Inc.: Laugh Factory comics, where he was using the Monsters, Inc. door system to steal toys from other children. That means murder and destruction is on the cards in spades. BestDisneyVillain. Sid Phillips is Andy's neighbor until Andy moves away, but it is unknown if he and Andy know each other. The Big Bad Wolf is, like a lot of predatory animals, only interested in catching his prey by any means necessary! He also makes a short cameo in Toy Story 3.