Groundskeeper Willie, Tito, and Dewey Largo the music teacher, are all laid off as a result. Seymour Skinner's gun had a silencer and the gunshot is heard clearly. Jeffrey Lynch. At the beginning of the normal ordinary school week, Principal Skinner opens up the school to find that Superdude, the fourth grade gerbil, has died, being crushed by his own water-bottle. Smithers? no one guessed the correct answer. Otto Mann wants a double guitar. Burns?". The alcoholic Barney Gumble has now lost his best beer supply, and after having to leave, he pulls out a derringer. Who shot Mr Burns on the classic TV episode Who Shot Mr Burns NYT Crossword Clue Answers are listed below and every time we find a new solution for this clue we add it on the answers list. Back at the Simpsons residence, the cigar box containing Grampa's gun has been dug up and, barring a stray bullet, is now empty. Looking for something to watch? Title: Everyone in the school rejoices, as now they have all the money they could ever want. There are many clues in this episode that rule out many of the suspects. When everyone is seen stroking their guns, Moe is shown to have a shotgun, which would do much more damage on Burns' body than shown. Miss Hoover - the school lost all extra equipment. After he stole the oil underneath Springfield Elementary and blocked out the sun, the people of Springfield become fed up with Mr. Burns. Directed By For the second part of this episode, see Who Shot Mr. Burns? 7 of 7 people found this review helpful. Burns?" Use the HTML below. He also holds up the corpse of Superdude. Burns' shadow seen while fighting the shooter. Both parts were originally produced entirely for that season. Bill Oakley and Josh Weinstein However there are certain suspects whose motives are focused on, and the public was assured that the contest was winnable, so there could only be a limited number of suspects - presumably a character present at the Town Meeting who has been seen before. Dr. Hibbert? This is not to say that the plots still aren't imaginative and large, just that they mostly stay within the town and family, rather than, for example, blasting characters into space. Up on the roof, Principal Skinner and Superintendent Chalmers are inspecting what caused the explosion when a worker comes up and tells them they struck oil. Main character(s) Was this review helpful to you? And of course... any other person who had connections to the suspects and wanted to gain revenge on their behalf... Burns recognizes his shooter. After Mr. Burns steals oil from Springfield Elementary, an unknown person, seemingly in retaliation, shoots him. This rules out Homer, as throughout the episode, Burns cannot remember his name. But, Mr. Burns refuses to listen to him. After a long period of silence, Dr. Hibbert asks "Well I couldn't possibly solve this mystery. The initial jet of oil smashes into Bart's treehouse, leaving it in a wreck, injuring him and breaking Santa's Little Helper's hind legs. Episodes in which a Character Swears Censored or Uncensored, Episodes with a alternative Gracie Films logo,, Otto finds that Principal Skinner left his mother. And of course, all the faculty and Lisa don't get their special equipment (or Tito Puente) because the school is now bankrupt from building the oil well. Grandpa? However, Charles Montgomery Burns has his eyes on the well, and wants to steal the oil. Can YOU?" David Mirkin The barflies Carl, Lenny, Larry and Sam - like Barney, they lose Moe's bar. Homer later breaks into Burn's office and spray paints "I AM HOMER SIMPSON" on the wall; when Burns catches him in the act and demands "Who the devil are you? Whether it is some of the softer swear words or the sexual imagery, it clearly isn't really for children, but it is still cleverly done – not just crude for the sake of it but uses that tone in a positive way that fits. Add the first question. Additionally, when Burns collapses, his holster is shown to be empty, indicating that he had been shot with his own gun. Homer's attempts to get Burns to remember his name are fruitless; after following Marge's suggestion and sending him a box of chocolates with a family photo inside, Burns remembers the rest of the Simpsons but neglects to eat the final chocolate covering Homer's face before disposing on the box. Fan contests have a long history in film and television, with the prize frequently a "walk-on" role, such with the two teens who won DC Comics "The Great Superman Movie Contest" and appeared briefly in 1978's Superman.Just in the past year, the new Star Wars film, the Dumb and Dumber sequel … Lunchlady Doris - she lost her potential canteen staff. Mr. Burns then shows up, and Bart charges at him in rage. Mr. Burns' collapse on the sundial hinted a clue as his arms were pointing roughly to W or M and S. Initials for the suspect.